Manual Kalashnikov Knives

List of Large Kalashnikov Folding Knives: Boker Kalashnikov Folding Knife w/Grey Handle KAL74B Boker Kalashnikov 74 Desert Tan Folding Knife KAL74DES Boker Plus Kalashnikov 101 Folding Knife (Black/Silver) 01KAL101 Boker Plus Kalashnikov 101 Folding Knife (Black/Black) 01KAL102 Boker Plus Kalashnikov¬†101 … Continue reading

Boker Kalashnikov

If you have stumbled onto this blog then chances are you’re looking for a Boker Kalashnikov¬†knife.¬†Boker is a German based company, but Kalashnikov knife production is outsourced to Taiwan. Despite being imported, the Kalashnikov knives are excellent quality and highly … Continue reading